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Queen Elizabeth fired King Charles’ nanny over ‘special pudding’ disagreement

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  • Queen Elizabeth II once fired King Charles' nanny after she defied a request in relation to a 'special pudding'.

    Nannies have always been a staple of the smooth running of the Royal Family.

    Their work in taking care of the children while members of the Firm go about their official duties has no doubt been a lifeline to the Palace.

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    But with so much time spent among them, there are several stories of fallouts and tiffs involving nannies hired by royalty, with the Mirror once reporting how the Queen sacked an employee of hers.

    Bryan Kozlowski, a royal author, shared the shocking story in his book Long Live the Queen! 13 Rules for Living from Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch.

    According to Kozlowski, the nanny was too discerning about eight-year-old Charles' meals for the monarch's liking.

    "It's said she took pleasure in tormenting the Palace kitchen with her exacting standards," he wrote.

    "Dishes for young Charles were constantly being refused or remade based on little more than the nanny's personal whims.

    "The Queen eventually had enough and fired her."

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    The author maintains it was one incident in particular which was the final straw for the Queen – and it was all around a "special pudding".

    Kozlowski writes:"In 1956, the Queen sent the nursery a simple request that King Charles, then aged eight, be given a special pudding she thought he might like.

    "[The nanny] refused, crossed the dessert from the menu, and incurred the Crown's wrath."

    "Nobody crosses out the Queen's request."

    Many decades later, King Charles awaits his Coronation on May 6.

    A wide range dignitaries, religious leaders, celebrities and politicians will be in attendance for a full dose of the pomp and splendour.

    Prince Harry has also confirmed that he will be in attendance, though not accompanied by the Duchess of Sussex, who will remain home with the kids.

    US President Joe Biden has also turned down the invite, in what has been described as a 'snub' by some royal commentators.

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