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Sunak could turn to Boris Johnson as Tories braced for local elections

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The Conservative Party could turn to Boris Johnson to help them at the local elections next month, as the party is braced for a tough battle against the Labour Party. Party chairman Greg Hands refused to deny that Mr Johnson could help out on the campaign trail in order to act as a boost for the party. But he also admitted that the party could lose as many as 1,000 seats at the elections.

When asked if Mr Johnson could provide a boost for the party, Mr Hands said: “Boris is very much part of the Conservative Party.

“We’ll have to wait and see but Boris is always welcome to be out campaigning for us.”

But he said there is a “real enthusiasm” for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

He told GB News: “What I discovered in the last few weeks, campaigning in the local elections, is a real enthusiasm for what Rishi Sunak is doing right and respect for the way that he is conducting himself as Prime Minister, getting on with the job, delivering the five priorities of halving inflation, restoring growth, reducing debt, cutting hospital waiting lists and stopping the boats.”

Speaking about predictions for the election, Mr Hands told Sky News: “The independent expectations are that the Conservatives will lose more than 1000 seats and Labour will need to make big gains.”

But the party chairman said the elections will be fought “primarily on local issues”.

He said: “No one is pretending it’s going to be easy.

“Last year was a very difficult year for the country, difficult year for the Government, difficult year for the Conservative Party.

“But what we are doing is getting on with the five priorities – of halving inflation, restoring growth, cutting the debt, reducing hospital waiting lists and stopping the boats.

“That is the peoples’ priority, those are Rishi Sunak’s priorities.”

But last month, a top polling guru warned that Labour has become “overconfident” in recent months.

Lord Hayward described the large poll leads enjoyed by the party as “overestimated”.

The Conservative peer said: “Rishi is seriously outrating the Tory party.

“It has the potential – as long as Rishi doesn’t screw it up – for Rishi to drag the party up to his level.”

A Westminster Voting Intention poll, conducted by Opinium Research on April 5 and 6, saw Labour’s lead on the Conservatives fall by four points since March 31.

The polling saw 41 percent of people say they would vote for Labour, a decline of three points.

Meanwhile, Tory support grew by one point, taking them to 30 percent backing.

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