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Bikini nurse mauled by huge shark in savage attack before she fights off beast

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    A scuba-diving influencer was attacked by an angry 15-stone 7lbs shark, leaving a giant gash in her leg.

    Carmen Canovas Cervello, a 30-year-old nurse and influencer, was free-diving with photographer Ibrahim Shafeeg when she was struck by the beast.

    The photographer caught the moment on film, and the huge wound from the six-inch mouth of the Nurse Shark can be seen bleeding heavily.

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    Once out of the water near the Dhiggiri resort in Vaavu Atoll, Maldives, the pair cleaned the wound while examining how severe it was.

    Shockingly, they felt as though the wound was given by the sharks as a warning for getting too close, as they believed the bite was only a minor injury that could have easily been a lot worse – they had been swimming in the area for 45 minutes before the incident happened.

    However, the woman was not deterred as, having fought off the beast, got back in the water soon after.

    Canovas didn't feel as though she needed to seek any medical help or treatment, so the pair decided to continue snorkelling and diving with the sharks for days, leaving the bite to heal for itself.

    Nurse Sharks are usually non-aggressive and have been known to swim away when approached, but if they are provoked in any way, their bite can be life-threatening due to their extremely sharp teeth and strong jaw.

    There have around 51 provoked and five unprovoked attacks from nurse sharks recorded up until 2022.

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    This was the first time Canovas had received a shark bite, but that hasn't stopped the pair from diving head-first into the dangerous waters once again to experience being so up-close and personal with the sharks in their natural habitat.

    Shafeeg said: “We were in the shark bay at Vaavu Atoll diving with nurse sharks.

    “There were around ten nurse sharks, from 198-pounds to 220-pounds and over three-metres wide.

    “After the shark bite, we thought nothing major about it as it was only a minor injury so we cleaned the wound and continued snorkelling at the same spot again.”

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