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Loch Ness Monster caught on camera by tourist who saw ‘strange movement’

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The Loch Ness Monster has been spotted once more after a stunned tourist caught sight of a "huge neck" sticking out of the water.

Holidaymaker John Payne, 55, had first noticed some "strange movement" from the depths of the loch, and subsequently found himself staring at what he believes to be legendary beast Nessie.

Conclusive evidence has neither proven or disputed the existence of the creature, but the dad-of-three appears to have absolute confidence in his recent find.

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Watching on from the window of his hotel, John believed he first spotted a "giant fin" before realising it was the huge neck of the mythical creature.

He said: "I was looking out at the scenery from the window and this huge thing just appeared out of nowhere. I tried to get a picture but it was gone and then it popped up again further down the loch.

"I took another picture and then zoomed in on my camera in and waited to see if it would appear again and it did.

"It must have been something very large because we were about a mile away from the loch and I could see it clearly. You wouldn’t have been able to see a bird or anything from that far away – it had to be something large."

A mile away and allegedly spotting the beast, John is convinced he saw the "huge neck" of Nessie.

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Retail worker John continued: "At first I thought it was a giant fin, but I know there are no dolphin or porpoises in the loch so I was thinking what the hell is this thing.

"It wasn’t like it was tied to anything, like a buoy, because it kept moving further away."

Further explanations to hotel staff left employees at Foyers Roost "shocked" and John has since compared his pictures with that of the images already available, saying they "do look similar".

Much of the information surrounding the existence of the Loch Ness Monster has been discredited, but John's new array of images may spark new hopes for Nessie hunters.

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