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‘Defenceless’ dog tied to gates and abandoned in ‘downright shameful’ act

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A dog owner has been slammed after a defenceless canine was dumped outside a kennel in a "downright shameful" act.

Animal rescuers from RSPCA Wirral appealed for information after finding the helpless pooch tied to their gates.

The black male Shar Pei cross was discovered on April 6. Pictures shared to Facebook showed the animal attached by a blue lead and harness.

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The charity has now asked people with information to come forward. A spokesperson said: "Does anyone know who this dog belongs to? Just found tied to RSPCA gates."

Bosses later posted another photo and added: "Feeling a bit happier today, 24 hours after being found tied to RSPCA gates. Benji is a Shar Pei cross who is nearly 2 years old."

The pooch's discovery sparked a fierce debate on RSPCA Wirral's Facebook page as to why it had been left, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Judy Wilkinson said: "I wonder how hard it was for the dog to watch his owner walk away and not return. A dog loves you more than itself.

"Dogs are for life, not until there’s a problem. You wouldn’t tie your children to a fence if you couldn’t afford it and walk away so why do it to a dog? It’s not shameful to ask for help but it is downright shameful and heartbreaking to dump a defenceless dog and walk away."

Katie Mundy commented: "What a beautiful dog, will never know how someone could tie up their dog and walk away, even if circumstances change at least have the decency to get them rehomed instead of dumping."

Cat Stevens replied: "Unfortunately as a result of the cost of living increase, the RSPCA is going to deal with more abandoned pets. It’s heartbreaking many owners probably don’t want to do this and feel ashamed to admit they are struggling financially."

And Terri Ward added: "I agree this dog should not be dumped but without knowing the owner's reasons I'm not going to judge but at least they didn't just let it loose."

Anyone with information is asked to email [email protected]

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