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Charles Bronson claims he’s ‘never been dangerous and hates violence’

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Charles Bronson said he's "never been a danger" as he awaits the results of a parole hearing that could finally see him released.

The notorious lag, 70, appeared before the parole board this month in a brand-new bid for freedom after nearly 50 years in jail – and in a heartfelt plea ahead of the decision declared he "wants to go home".

"They keep f***ing drumming it into the public I'm a danger," Bronson, also known as Charles Arthur Salvado, declared in a prison voice note heard by Sky News.

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"Who am I a danger to? I've never been a danger to the public.

"I love people, love 'em, I love the world. I'm not a f***ing filthy terrorist or a rapist, or a murderer, so who am I dangerous to outside?"

The armed robber added: "I want to go home, I'm an artist born again.

"I hate violence, I despise it and that's all I've done for the last 10 years, sit in my cell, a model prisoner, polite, respectful but they still won't let me out."

Throughout his parole hearing which took place throughout this month, Bronson tried to convince decision-makers he was a changed man and no longer a threat to society.

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Brazenly discussing his criminal past, he admitted he had no remorse for taking a prison governor hostage and added that he loved jailhouse brawls.

"I was born to have a rumble, I love to have a rumble," he confessed.

"But I'm 70 now. It can become embarrassing. You have to grow up sooner or later."

Bronson has had seven previous unsuccessful parole hearings and has been in jail on and off since 1974.

His first prison sentence was handed to him when he was just 22 for armed robbery and he has since spent time inside after admitting nine rooftop protests and 11 hostage sieges.

Prior to the latest hearing, in the Channel 4 documentary Charles Bronson: Fit to be Freed?, he said: "I'm focused, I’m settled, I can actually smell and taste freedom like I’ve never, ever done in (my) life.

"I’m now anti-crime, anti-violent. What the f*** am I still in prison for?"

If he is released, Bronson plans to continue the art career he started on the inside which saw him sell original pieces for up to £2,655.

Bronson's first wife Irene Dunroe, who married Bronson back in 1972 and divorced him four years later, said: "He’s going to do loads of painting and he can’t wait to go to an art shop and pick paints and brushes.

"He’s going to spend 12 months selling his work and doing an exhibition. He’s hoping to get the money to get a little cottage in the countryside.

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"He wants two dogs, Ronnie and Reggie, so he can go on nice, long walks. That’s all he wants. He is not going to cause any trouble. He’s too old."

But that's not the only plan the notorious lag has for his release – and his other schemes are a little saucier.

“I'm going to bed with two birds you know,” he said. “And I'm getting it filmed. I am… I'm telling you…"

Joking about a venue for his explicit video shoot, the 70-year-old laughed: "I might borrow Dave Courtney's sex museum for a while."

The outcome of Bronson's parole hearing is expected this week.


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