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Another dog feasts on Russian as Ukrainians declare ‘animals won’t go hungry’

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Images have emerged of yet another dead Russian soldier being feasted upon by a dog in Ukraine.

The image, believed to be taken by Ukrainian troops sees a large Alsatian-like hound tucking into the midriff of the dead fighter.

It is the second of its kind in as many days, with pictures surfacing on Tuesday (March 28) of a large black canine eating the arm of a dead soldier.

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Both images cropped up on the infamous Cargo 200 channel on Telegram, a horrifying depot for brutal war clips.

The channel is littered with dead Russians, with everything from bombs being dropped on them filmed with zoomed-in drone cameras to demoralised troops watching the bodies of their comrades burn.

The latest image shows the already-part-rotted corpse of the soldier partially buried in mud.

He’s missing his right ear and, on top of the horribly twisted, distorted wreck of what was once a living person sits a pair of black woollen gloves.

The dog eats like it is having a bowl of kibble in a spacious suburban kitchen.

Horrific images of the brutality of the war in Ukraine continue to serve as reminders of the hell being wrought in the Eastern European country.

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In the past, images have emerged of a white and tan cat tucking into the leg of a fallen soldier – he was identified on the channel as a Russian.

The latest image of the Alsatian was accompanied by a caption.

It appears to offer comments from the people who took the photo.

The sarcastic words sympathise with the likely-starving dog, but not with the dead man on the ground.

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It says: “But the animals will not be hungry."

People have commented on the post, with one saying: "It's not that tasty, but it tastes delicious."

Another added: "Guys, at least throw the seeds near him, at least it will not rot for nothing."

"It's a pity for the creatures, they feed on different things," said a third.


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