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Plenty of Fish date from hell left woman in wheelchair and scarred for life

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A date from hell ended in a car crash that left a woman in a wheelchair and scarred for life.

The Plenty of Fish date was attended by catering business owner Kiaha Kurek, 35.

She claimed the man stopped his car mid-turn and they were hit by another vehicle going 50mph.

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It hit the passenger side, where she was sat, and she had to be cut out of the wreck.

She needed reconstructive surgery on her shattered leg and her pelvis and several ribs were also broken.

She also had a lacerated liver and internal bleeding.

It took her a full year of treatment to be able to walk again – although doctors at points feared she may never do so.

From Portland, Oregon, US, Kiaha said: "I remember being sat in the car, seeing headlights coming towards me and thinking 'this is the end'.

"I woke up and my eyes were burning because blood was dripping into them – and I could hear a loud noise as the car was cut open.

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"I kept passing out then waking up and being in so much pain as they got me to hospital – I was begging for painkillers.”

She continued: “My date called me to apologise a few weeks later then I never heard from him again.

"Ten years on, I'm happily married and I could tell [now husband] Bartek was the one from our first date – it was the opposite to my first date from hell!"

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She claims that the 2012 date, who at the time had told her that he too was 24, was actually just 19 and a newly-qualified driver.

They were barely out of the car park when it all went wrong.

"We went to turn left and he just stopped dead, halfway through the turn."

She woke up, and heard a banging sound – which she realised was the car being cut open.

Kiaha added: "I tried to get out of the car and realised I was injured. It hurt so much I passed out again."

"When I was in the ER I remember the doctor trying to pull glass out the side of my face.

"I was covered in blood head to toe, my clothing was all bright red and had to be cut off.

She was left with a big scar on her leg which, in order to move on, she later got covered with a tattoo.

"When it comes to dating, you have to be aware of how much trust you put in people,” she said.

"Trust your gut instinct – if it says don't get in the car, listen to it. Listen every time."


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