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Shamima Begum ‘wore suicide belt’ and new persona is ‘fake’ claims ex ISIS slave

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An alleged slave of terror group ISIS has claimed she saw former British national Shamima Begum training to use suicide belts and guns, and that her new persona is "fake".

Begum fled the UK as a teen and was recently denied her British citizenship back after the government stripped her of it in 2019.

And now, according to an investigation undertaken by expert Alan Duncan, Begum was also close to one of the top ISIS people who was in charge of sex trafficking girls as young as 14.

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Mr Duncan interviewed a member of the Yazidi people targeted by ISIS in a genocidal way, a clip of which has been obtained by The Sun.

She was kept as a slave for around seven years, having been stolen at the age of 13.

And when shown a picture of Begum from her ISIS days, she said that her new persona is “fake”.

When asked by Mr Duncan if she had any doubts about the woman in the picture he showed her being Begum, she said: “I have no doubt, I am very certain”.

She explained, after being shown a new image of her: “It was fake by Begum. Living with ISIS women and ISIS in general I understand how they think, and how loyal they are to their Sharia ideas.

“Even if they are not in SISI – I do not think they have an open mentality and those clothes do not represent her, I am certain.

“They are faking facts, women of ISIS will never change.

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“They still believe in what they believe. Many of them still in the camps believe that ISIS will rise again.”

The woman making the claim was known only as Dila.

She told Mr Duncan how why it was that she was able to recognise Begum – and it all hinges on the classes ISIS demanded the slaves attended.

She explained: “They were learning about weapons. The groups would be separated, but when we learned together about Sharia, we would all come together.

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“It was always a thing – they taught everyone about the suicide belts, and they kept suicide belts with them.

“This woman, Shamima, I recognised her and she was friends with Um-Herrea.

“She was a German woman, she was learning as well in the class, and she was one of the people who sells Yazidis. My sister was captured by her.”

Begum now lives in a refugee camp in Syria but is fighting to return to the UK.

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