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Prince Andrew ‘engaged in outrageous conduct’, alleged victim’s lawyer says

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Prince Andrew is alleged to have taken part in “extreme and outrageous conduct” with sex trafficking accuser Virginia Giuffre, her lawyer has claimed.

The Duke of York’s conduct was also described as “continuous and severe” when he allegedly had sex with Virginia during a court hearing in New York on Monday (March 13).

The comments were made by a lawyer representing an anonymous woman in a separate lawsuit against JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank.

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Both are accused of facilitating Epstein's sex trafficking activities in exchange for him bringing them wealthy customers, reports the Mail.

Virginia was a victim of late paedo billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and was 17 when the three alleged encounters with Andrew are said to have taken place.

The 63-year-old royal has consistently and vehemently denied these allegations.

Less than a year ago, the disgraced Duke of York paid a settlement said to be worth £12million to Ms Giuffre to settle a claim she made against him in a US civil court. This was not an admission of guilt on his part.

Lawyer Sigrid McCawley, who represented both the anonymous woman and Virginia, said in a civil US lawsuit filed against American banks JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank that the institutions turned a blind eye to Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operation in exchange for the wealthy clients he brought in.

The references to Andrew came during a discussion about the anonymous woman's allegations about intentional infliction of emotional distress, which Virginia also accused Andrew of in her US civil lawsuit that has since been settled.

Ms McCawley told the court that there were a 'plethora of allegations' against Deutsche Bank and that red flags about Epstein were ignored “over and over”.

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She claimed that there was a parallel in that the bank and the Duke both engaged in "continuous, extreme and outrageous conduct".

She added that in Prince Andrew's case it was "continuous, severe conduct".

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The lawyer added that Epstein had a “quid pro quo” relationship with Deutsche Bank, who were incentivised to keep the now-dead billionaire paedo happy so it could benefit from the business he brought in.

Felicia Ellsworth, a lawyer for the bank, claimed that it merely engaged in 'routine banking activity' with Epstein.


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