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Putin mouthpiece’s vile threats to Brit soldier sentenced to death in Russia

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A pro-Putin Russian mouthpiece has threatened a freed prisoner of war Brit who was saved from execution last year.

Aiden Aslin had been living in Ukraine since 2018 and was sentenced to death in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic [DPT] for "mercenary activities and committing actions aimed at seizing power and overthrowing the constitutional order of the DPR”.

However the former care worker has this week been freed as part of a prisoner exchange and was reunited with his Ukrainian fiancé Diana Okovyta at Heathrow in September.

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But according to Russian state TV's war reporter Andrey Rudenko, the Nottinghamshire man, 29, has returned to Ukraine and is fighting on the front line once again.

This news angered Andrey Rudenko.

He said: “This scum could have been shot in the DPR, but he was released and now he is fighting against us again.”

If he “gets captured again”, Rudenko said the Wagner private army “will do everything right” with this “piece of ****”, suggesting he should be executed by wartime “law”.

Wagner run by Putin crony Yevgeny Prigozhin has a reputation for extrajudicial executions by sledgehammer.

Rudenko posted a video, now viewed 200,000 times in Russia, which he claimed showed Aslin was “now fighting in Bakhmut”.

And another Russian news outlet reported: “British mercenary Aiden Aslin, who was captured in Mariupol and sentenced to death last year but was later released by Roman Abramovich, is back in Ukraine fighting in Bakhmut.

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“It looks like Putin's dear Western and Ukrainian partners have deceived the Russian leader again.”

However, there is no evidence Aslin has returned yet to Ukraine, although he has said he would do so.

Aslin denied the claims in a long Twitter thread earlier this week.

He wrote: "So for folks wondering why I didn't return to Ukraine back in December, it turns Out when I was captured in April last Year Germany decided to Place a entry ban into the schengen area on me, from what we've worked out it was possibly because of my passport being in Enemy hands.

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"The last time I was in the EU was in 2018 when I was passing though back to Ukraine, nothing I can do until it's resolved, we had planned to go see my Fiancé's family back in December alongside other things such as starting a new Path with journalism but that was all put on hold."

Aslin had previously claimed that Germany has placed a ban on him travelling through the EU Schengen area, and this has not been rescinded by his release.

The ruling has prevented him returning since December to Ukraine where he said he would work as a journalist and not return to the war.

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