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Sunak warned bet to ‘snooker’ Labour on migration to backfire

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Suella Braverman announces new Illegal Migration Bill

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Rishi Sunak has been warned his big bet to “snooker” Labour on migration is at risk of backfiring and handing Sir Keir Starmer the keys to No10 Downing Street. A source close to the eurosceptic European Research Group told the Daily Express that the Home Secretary’s small boats legislation is part of an attempt to “flush the Labour Party out”, putting pressure on it to pick a side on the immigration debate.

But they warned that this tactic is a “huge risk” for the Prime Minister, as the British public is “fed up with rhetoric”.

The source said that another failed attempt at tackling the problem of migration would “give even more of a boost” to parties such as Reform, which are vying for Conservative seats at the next election.

This could hand power to Labour, as they are relying on the Tory party losing a large number of seats in 2024.

Suella Braverman yesterday unveiled new legislation aimed at stopping the small boats crisis once and for all by deporting tens of thousands of people entering the UK illegally.

It will stop asylum, modern slavery, and human rights laws being used by migrants who have breached Britain’s borders.

This is the second major piece of immigration legislation from this Government in two years.

Former Home Secretary Priti Patel’s immigration bill promised to stop the small boats, partly by creating a rule that anyone arriving from a safe country would not have their case considered at all.

But those people have not been removed from the UK, with major backlogs plaguing the asylum system.

Mr Sunak is also under pressure to explain how his legislation will work in practice, with the ERG source warning that MPs are concerned it will simply “get stuck in legal knots domestically and internationally”, rather than solving the migration problem swiftly.

Ms Braverman pledged to end the “wave” of illegal migrants that are entering Britain, saying that the problem is costing the taxpayer £6million per day.

Giving a statement to the House of Commons yesterday, she said the volume of illegal arrivals has “overwhelmed” the UK asylum system.

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She said the UK has “seen a 500 percent increase in small boats crossings in two years.”

In her statement, Ms Braverman warned that “patience has run out” adding that the “law-abiding patriotic majority have said enough is enough”.

She added: “This cannot and will not continue under their Government.

“This Government must act decisively must act with determination must act with compassion must act with caution. So make no mistake, this Conservative Government and this Conservative Prime Minister will act now to stop the boats.”

The new bill will put a legal “duty to remove” anyone entering the country illegally on the Home Secretary.

Lawyers will no longer be able to block the removals apart from in limited exceptional circumstances, with children exempt from the changes.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “Our focus will be on deporting people to safe third countries, or indeed back to their country of origin. That is the stated aim and, obviously, we have the agreement with Rwanda, we have some returns agreement.”

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