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Mum says social services took away son after clip showed him bound in cling film

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A TikTok influencer mum has claimed social services took her son away from her after a video of him tightly wrapped in cling film went viral.

Savannah Glembin, an influencer with 1.1 million followers on TikTok posted a tearful clip to the social media platform on Monday, (March 6) revealing that her son was taken away by child protection authorities.

The viral clip showed her son, Gunner, being pushed around by her husband, Hank, while the toddler was tightly wrapped up in cling film, though it has since been taken down from social media sites.

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“Gunner has been taken from us until CPR (Child Protection Register) can evaluate our home because I posted a video of my husband and son playing,” she tearfully said in a follow-up video.

She defended the video as “just a funny thing Hank did because Gunner was getting into the stove that day and tried putting a fork in a socket”.

In the unsettling clip, the kid appears unable to move, with both of his arms bound to his sides.

A few seconds in, the boy, who is seen standing on the bed, falls on his knees while still being unable to move his arms.

His day, who is seen in military uniform, then places the tightly wrapped toddler face down on the bed before being flipped over onto his back.

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Social media users railed against Savannah for the video, with one TikTok user saying: “Cannot feel bad for you here.”

Another said: “Nope sorry. This wasn’t okay.”

Savannah said in the caption of another follow-up video posted shortly after the video that authorities had cleared her and her husband of wrongdoing, calling that the whole situation was “a mistake we will never make again”.

“This weekend was extremely traumatic for us as a family and will be taking time away to heal,” she added.


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