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US accuses China of ‘very clearly’ taking Russia’s side

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The US has accused China of “very clearly” taking Russia’s side regarding the war in Ukraine despite purporting to be in support of peace. In comments by the US department of state spokesperson Ned Price at a news briefing on Monday night, China was accused of being “anything but an honest broker” as US intelligence continues to suggest that China may be looking to arm Russia, ending its policy of “playing both sides”.

Many Western officials view China as the ultimate threat to the US-led West, and their military backing of Putin could spell the beginning of a globally-engrossing fight for hegemony, the conclusion of which is likely to be a pyrrhic victory.

Mr Price said: “The People’s Republic of China [PRC] has told the world that, essentially, it is not taking a position [over Ukraine], but rather it has tried to portray itself as an honest broker.

“In word and in deed, however, the PRC has been anything but an honest broker.”

He accused China and its leader Xi Jinping of adopting a “veneer of neutrality” over its calls for peace, arguing that their stance up till now has been geared towards more active involvement.

He added: “Leaving aside the question of lethal assistance – which we don’t believe the PRC has provided yet, but we do believe it is considering – leaving that aside, the PRC has already provided important forms of assistance to Russia, including in the context of its aggression against Ukraine.

“It’s provided Russia with diplomatic support, with political support, with economic support, with rhetorical support, including by parroting Russia’s dangerous propaganda.

“There are countries around the world that, if they sought to bring this war to an end, would have a significant amount of leverage with the Russian Federation, with other key countries.

“The PRC certainly falls within that category. But to date, at least, despite the PRC’s protests to the contrary, we have seen them very clearly take a side in this war.”

Mr Price continued: “So if China were serious about seeking to bring an end to this war, it would have influence, it would have leverage over the government in Moscow that we would hope it would use in a constructive way. It does give us pause, concern, that … the PRC has engaged with Russia, including with high-level visits, Wang Yi’s visit to Moscow just within recent days, even while the PRC is not engaged symmetrically with Ukraine.”

He later noted that the impact of Chinese military involvement, given the enormity and lethal nature of their weaponry, could be “potentially dire and tragic”.

He said: “Now, of course the PRC has at its disposal technology and resources that Iran doesn’t have, and so one could imagine the implications of the provision of significant amounts of lethal assistance.

“It’s for that reason that we don’t want to see it happen. We’re continuing to warn very clearly about the consequences that would befall Beijing should it proceed down this path.”

Senior US officials have previously voiced concerns that they were “confident” China was considering providing lethal equipment to Moscow.

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To call the war in Ukraine a proxy battle is to both feed into the Russian rhetoric that the West is responsible for the conflict, as well as to reduce the lives of Ukrainians killed by Putin’s invading army to an unfortunate corollary of geopolitical tension.

The war in Ukraine is a fight for sovereignty; Russia’s disinformation campaign is but an effort to gaslight the West.

Nonetheless, beyond the war in eastern Europe, the world is heading towards the climax of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year plan to overthrow the US as the hegemonic ruler.

Such transitions of power are uniformly far-reaching, since global superpowers often have alliances with dozens of nations across every continent developed over decades, as is the case with China.

Up to now, the battle for hegemony has been contained as both the US and China jostle for position. If China were to publicly arm Russia at a time when the West is unifying against Vladimir Putin, that would amount to the most explicit and provocative declaration of their anti-Western intentions to date.

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