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Russian soldiers send video to Putin moaning about ‘being sent to the slaughter’

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A group of desperate Russian soldiers have issued an open letter by way of video to despotic President Vladimir Putin.

More than 550,000 soldiers from Putin's failing army have been killed or injured so badly in Ukraine that they are no longer able to fight, according to Minusrus.

And this, according to a video on social media app Telegram, has caused such anger that one group has taken it upon themselves to plead with the leader.

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They also claim that their own commanders are taking to shooting those who refuse to fight.

The unit is thought to be from the Irkutsk region of Russia, but are now fighting in Ukraine.

According to the Baikal People Telegram channel: “They were illegally transferred to the control of the first Slavic brigade of the DPR, where they were formed into assault units and sent 'for slaughter'.

“'The command directly says that we are consumables' the mobilized people say in a video message.

“Prior to this, 1439 mobilized [men] from the second battalion of the regiment had already recorded a similar video message.

“According to the soldiers, this battalion is practically destroyed.”

The video shows the soldiers, with their faces covered, reading a pre-written message of Putin.

The leader of the group states in part: “We are sent to storm the Avdiivka fortified area without any support, artillery, communications, sappers, or reconnaissance. To the slaughter.

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"And the command directly says that we are all consumables and the only chance to return home is to get injured.

"We don’t know the names and ranks of the commanders, since they don’t tell us them."

According to Miniusrus, Russia has lost 593,520 soldiers in Ukraine, with 148,130 of those being killed in action.

This amounts to around 65.9% of Putin's entire armed forces.

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