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Putin ‘secretly lives in heavily-guarded luxury mansion with gymnast girlfriend’

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Russia's war-mad President Vladimir Putin has been secretly living in a heavily-guarded luxury mega-mansion with his gymnast girlfriend and kids, a source has claimed.

While Putin has lost nearly 600,000 soldiers in his ill-fated Ukraine invasion, according to Minusrus, the 70-year-old has been enjoying himself with his sex-mad 39-year-old girlfriend Alina Kabaeva.

And they've been doing it in a huge home on Lake Valdai, which is around 250 miles away from his Kremlin base in Moscow.

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The estate, right near a huge monastery, is actually listed as an official presidential residence, but he is rarely thought to stay there – until now.

It is thought to have its own Pantsir-S1 defence system to keep it safe, which is the same kind of system used on the front line in Ukraine to stop his own army being battered by Ukrainian's defending their own land.

According to a report by a Russian opposition website called Project: “It was built specifically for Kabaeva.”

The site has plenty for the woman's children to do, as it houses a go-kart track and a huge playground.

It also has a train station, which is how Putin arrives – allegedly via an armoured train which leaves from a secret railway station based somewhere in Moscow.

Children have previously been spotted there.

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The only know images of it were leaked a few years ago by a construction worker who was based there until 2005, which leaves how the place looks today as a bit of a mystery, although it did show ornate mahogany and golden furniture, glass tables and giant chandeliers.

It also showed how one room has gold leaves hanging from the ceiling.

Google Maps satellite images also show what appears to be a small five-a-side football pitch on the grounds.

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It overlooks the the lake, with a boat port area on the edge of the grounds.

So far, Putin has seen around 149,000 soldiers killed in action, with another 449,000injured so badly that they can no longer fight.

That represents around 66% of the total available soldiers in Russia's army gone.

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