Thu. Mar 30th, 2023


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Putin planning waves of ‘mass suicidal attacks’ on Ukraine for next three months

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Experts have warned that Mad Vlad is planning on sacrificing his own troops in “mass suicidal attacks” on Ukraine over the next three months to try and eke out a pyrrhic victory.

A confidential assessment of Russia’s invasion claims that the Russian army’s incompetence and military weakness has left it resigned to order the attacks that will likely result in a massive loss of life, according tothe Mirror.

The harrowing claims come after the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Ukraine’s military said has claimed the lives of nearly 150,000 Russian soldiers.

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The UN estimates that around 8,100 civilians have been killed in the bloodiest conflict on European soil since World War Two.

The confidential report, which was handed to western governments, said that logistical and planning failures by the Russian army have prevented it from mounting any effective attacks on Ukrainian soil so far.

“Nowhere have the Russians been able to mass force densities to mount an effective offensive. has developed over the past few weeks is ‘more of the same’, i.e. grinding attrition stepped up”, the report read.

The report added that this failure was in part due to improper preparation, as the Russian army has not practised a combined arms assault in “30 years”.

“The main ground forces’ tactic remains the near-suicidal mass infantry attack with inadequately trained troops under cover of heavy artillery”.

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It also argues that Russian aeroplanes are playing a smaller role in warfare than initially expected, “undoubtedly because of the lethality of air defence missiles”.

The effectiveness of air defence, much of which has been provided by western countries, has led to Russia’s pilots essentially giving up the fight

“Russian pilots appear to be unwilling to 'close with the enemy' as they did in Afghanistan once the Mujahideen got Stinger missiles”, the report said.


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