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Prince Harry labelled ‘English Borat’ as he claims Meghan is ‘favourite smell’

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Controversial Royal Prince Harry has been dubbed “English Borat” after bizarrely claiming that his favourite smell was his wife Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex – who was kicked out of his UK home of Frogmore Cottage earlier this week by angry dad King Charles – was taking part in an interview with US chat show host Stephen Colbert.

During the wide-ranging chat, he was asked what his favourite smell was.

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He replied: “Favourite smell . . . hmm . . . my wife.”

The audience could be heard saying “aww” at the answered which was percieved to be cute in the United States.

But on social media, some were less than amused, with many comparing him to the comedy persona of Sacha Baron Cohen who is famous for saying “my wife” in a dodgy Kazakhstan accent.

One wrote: “He’s English Borat now.”

And a second wrote: “Would have been hilarious if Harry did it in the Borat accent.”

A third rather bluntly wrote: “That sound and this face – they absolutely have nasty sex.

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“The flashback in his mind is on his face.”

Prince Harry has actually been to the Kazakh birthplace of the fictional character, however.

A few years before he met and married Meghan, he took a trip to the ski resort of Shymbulak with then-girlfriend Cressida Bonas in 2014.

But the trip was mired in controversy as human rights campaigners slammed him for visiting the country.

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At the time, Amnesty International spokesman Allan Hogarth, said: “There’s no law against Harry going skiing in Kazakhstan, but he might want to spare a thought for the people who aren’t going to be sharing the slopes with him.

“These include jailed dissidents and tortured oil workers.

“Forget Borat, Kazakhstan is a repressive country where torture is rife and political opposition is crushed.”

Prince Harry's team confirmed he was there on a “private holiday” and did not meet anyone from the world of politics.

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