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Parents of woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann ‘block her phone number’

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The parents of a young womanconvinced she’s Madeleine McCannhave allegedly blocked their daughter’s number.

The alleged move comes ahead of efforts fromJulia Wendellto have a DNA test done to find out whether there is any chance she is the missing tot who went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007.

Julia, 21, has been in contact with Dr Fia Johansson, a doctor in psychology and human behaviour who is working as a private investigator and has now appeared with her in live videos on Instagram.

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In their latest video, self-proclaimed psychic Fia says: “We tried to call parents. We tried to communicate with parents.

“They blocked Julia’s number. We could not find any.

“I went to where Julia’s mum lives – but I couldn't find her there.

“It sounds like she is scared to go to her job and work as she knows I'm still in Poland.”

She continued: “If I am her real mum and I have nothing to hide – why wouldn’t I give a simple DNA test?"

Julia chipped in: “Because she might be hiding something. Maybe she’s not my real mother.”

Fia replied: “Exactly.”

She continued: “[The mother] didn’t care to pick up the phone and talk to me.”

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Fia says she said: “I’m not going to get the DNA test.

“Funnily enough, there is a law in this country that no one can force the parents to get a DNA test.”

Meanwhile it was reported earlier today that Julia has agreed to explore the possibility that she may in fact be a completely different missing person.

Fia told that Julia was approached by the family of two Swiss girls that had vanished in January 2011 – asking Julia to do a DNA test.

Livia Schepp, a six-year-old Swiss girl disappeared from her home in Lausanne along with her twin Alessia after their father picked them up from his ex-wife’s home.

The dad's body was found several days after he took the twins and it was later revealed he killed himself.

According to police, the dad sent a letter to his wife confessing to the murder of the twins, but their bodies have not been recovered.

If they were still alive, Livia and Alessia would be 18, three years younger than Julia.

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