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Lottery winner Jane Park may sell breast implants ‘on OnlyFans’ after surgery

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Jane Park, the youngest ever Euromillions winner, has revealed she may look to sell her old breast implants after having breast reduction, sharing candid clips and pics of the whole process from beginning to end.

The Scottish influencer gave her 220,000 Instagram followers some insight into going under the knife, as well as the complications she experienced from plastic surgery.

She wrote in an Instagram post: "There was a slight complication with my old implants as it has a capsule around it which is a barrier of scar tissue that forms itself around the implant. It has been sent to pathology and I await the results of this."

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Park underwent the procedure at the Trio Clinic in Istanbul, praising the medical staff there that went "above and beyond" to look after her, especially after waking up "a little bit upset".

Jane shared a video of her old breasts, as well as a before and after snap, explaining: "So I had my breast implants reduced and uplifted and I also had thigh liposuction. I went from a 560CC implant over muscle to 425CC under the muscle."

She joked about selling her removed implants online, captioning a picture of the removed implant: "Might punt them on OnlyFans for a laugh."

The Edinburgh influencer has openly spoken about the difficulties of fame since she won the Euromillions lottery in 2013 – scoring £1million at just 17 years old.

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Speaking with American TV personality Dr Phil, Park divulged the dark side of the raking in the dough:

"The overnight fame that came with the life-changing amount of cash was horrible."

She compared her huge cash prize at 17 to "giving a kid a gun", saying she "wouldn't wish it on anyone."

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When Dr Phil asked Jane if she regretted any of her purchases, she commented: "I don't regret any of the money I spent, my only regret would be going so public with the win. When I won it was a very quick turnover, it was massive. At the time it was kind of crazy, and it's even crazier looking back.

"I splashed out a bit because I never knew the value of a million pounds, I never seen that kind of money. I never knew anyone with that kind of money so I kind of splashed a bit on stuff that I've always wanted."

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