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Family horrified to find giant deadly cobra snake ‘relaxing’ in their lounge

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A family were left horrified by a giant deadly cobra snake that was lounging around and "relaxing" in their home.

Rescue workers were called in to deal with the five-foot beast at a house in Klong Tom, a district of Thailand, where the slithering resident had made themselves at home.

Four minutes after arriving at the scene, a crack team of professional snake handlers managed to remove the reptilian guest from their spot underneath a chair in front of the home.

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The behemoth king cobra has since been released back to a nearby forest, where there are less chairs for it to hide under and fewer families to frighten.

King cobras are well regarded as one of the deadliest snakes on the planet, with venom strong enough to kill off an elephant in just one bite.

Their nasty behaviour and usual run of threats when feeling cornered, make them one of the most dangerous animals on the planet.

One of the world's deadliest creatures just happened to be relaxing in the shade underneath a chair of a family in Thailand, Thaiger reported.

Experts have warned that the rise in cobra sightings is not surprising, with habitat destruction well underway and causing the beasts to move into occupied areas.

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Snakes, whose habitats are being destroyed, are finding themselves forced into more residential and populated areas, hence the appearance of a behemoth here.

Curled up under a chair on the porch of a home, it appears the increase in snake sightings of a venomous and potentially fatal variety are here to stay.

Experts working the scene of the recently spotted king cobra were able to subdue it in just a few minutes after capturing the beast, that proved fairly docile despite its size.

A picture of the huge snake has since been released, with the cobra carried over the shoulders of a snake expert as though it were a fire hose.

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