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Charles Bronson has son sending 12 sex toys to ‘keep his girlfriends occupied’

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Britain's "most violent prisoner" Charles Bronson has asked his son to send sex toys to his girlfriends to "keep them occupied".

Bronson, who has been behind bars for the last 50 years, was seen for the first time in prison ahead of his public parole hearing next week.

In the two-part documentary Bronson: Fit to be Free? on Channel 4, his long-lost son, George Bamby, said the 70-year-old has got "quite a few girlfriends" after his three marriages.

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George spoke from his home: "Quite a lot of the time I find myself on occasion posting out little toys for some of his girlfriends.

"In fact, I've got one at the moment where he sent me the name and address of some young lady – well, not young lady, she's about 40-odd – that he's been talking to for a while.

"He really likes her and he wants me to post something out to her."

His wife, Maz, added: "He [Bronson] likes to please his girlfriends and that's the only way he can send them gifts of certain things.

"Flowers sometimes, sometimes it's boxed up, whatever."

George, who reunited with his dad in 2018 after getting a 99.98% DNA match, admitted he's been helping Bronson to send the gifts out.

In each gift, Bronson asked to add a note saying "I'll be out in a few months, while I'm still in here, here's something to keep you occupied."

"It's a vibrator, don't know how it works or what I've bought, that's it," George continued.

"I've got no idea what goes on with the postman here, or Amazon, but on my record list, I think I bought about 12 vibrators in the last 12 months, so that's another one that's going to be posted out very shortly."

Bronson also hinted to George during their video call that he might consider to take a step further in his love life.

"It's not too late to get married again or whatever," he added.

Bronson has held 11 hostages in nine different sieges, with governors, doctors, staff, and his own solicitor among the victims.

He is currently thought to be held at maximum security HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and is due to appear at his hearing on March 6 and March 8.


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