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Prince Harry ‘should be searched for Netflix wire’ at King’s coronation

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Prince Harry needs to be searched for Netflix-related wires if he attends King Charles III's coronation, a fashion expert close to family has claimed.

Harry and wife Meghan Markle are thought to be invited to the big event in May, but they are reportedly undecided on whether or not they will attend.

Their relationship with the family is reportedly almost non-existent after a series of revelations from Harry were detailed in his tell-all memoir Spare, and a Netflix docu-series prior to that.

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And it is that latter – which is set to have another series – which is causing concern among many.

Fashion expert David Emanuel, who designed Princess Diana's wedding dress, told GB news that Harry should be searched in cases he tries to secretly record conversations for Netflix.

He said: “I hope he gets searched before he arrives on this land, because he could be wired up for Netflix – let’s be honest.

“Whatever is said he will take back and give it to Netflix and do more stories."

However, host Dan Wooton was quick to claim that there was “no proof” to suggest that either of the Sussex clan had been involved in secret filming or audio recording of any kind.

In response, the Mail on Sunday’s Charlotte Griffiths said: "There have been reports the Royal Family only plan to talk to him about the weather because they don’t dare talk to him about anything else.”

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An exasperated Mr Emanuel responded: “I wonder why?!”

Mr Wooton went on to claim that “senior members of the Royal Family are acutely aware that any private conversations they have with Harry and Meghan will not necessarily stay private”.

He added: “This includes electronic communications.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Harry and Meghan's team for a comment on the matter.

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