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Cat called ‘Fat B******’ sent by landlord to tenants’ mice-ridden flats

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A "problem solving" landlord suggested two of his tenants hire a cat called "Fat B******" after they spotted mice in their apartments.

The New York residents were told the fearless female feline would spend alternate nights at each apartment and rid them of their unwelcome rodents over a one-week period.

Brooklyn-based writer and editor Kate Mooney shared the online exchange with her neighbour and landlord on Twitter and the hilariously outrageous post quickly went viral, attracting almost 14million views, more than 300,000 likes and over 7,000 comments and retweets within two days of being uploaded.

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The text chat starts with the landlord asking both tenants whether they have a cat.

Kate replies that she has a dog but, in an admission that is backed up by a cute pic of the pooch on her Twitter profile, she doubts that he knows "how to kill mice".

The landlord then asks them both: "Are you against a cat coming in for a few weeks?"

Kate's neighbour replies that she would be open to this with the property owner elaborating: "It would come in as a mouser. Just thinking about solutions.

"Let pest guy do his thing, roll up sleeves and throw away any mice caught in traps. And I'll research a cat."

The landlord then rejoins the conversation later, texting: "OK, I located a cat. His name is Fat B******. He's for hire. He can live in each of your apartments for a week (alternate nights) until he hunts and leaves his scent."

When Kate's neighbour asks whether they would need to supply their new cohabitant with food, the landlord answers: "He's gonna eat mice," before then remembering the gender of the animal and adding: "Sorry, she. Fat B****** is a female cat."

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The neighbour then expresses her willingness to give it a go from "this weekend" and the landlord signs off with: "Please discuss ladies."

Kate's tweet has brightened up many people's days since it was posted with one Twitter user confessing: "Genuinely laughed out loud reading this. Cracking landlord, comedy gold."

Another poster praised the apartment owner's resourcefulness, declaring: "Your landlord is a problem solver. I'm not sure how I feel about their cat naming practices, but it's hard not to respect the problem solving."

A third, worried about Fat B******'s diet, advised: "This is excellent but please actually get food for the cat because there’s no guarantee she can immediately catch enough mice or even wants to actually eat them. Cat food is cheap."

Somebody else eagerly wrote: "Please provide updates on the situation as they come."

But a fifth poster rather pessimistically added: "I am sorry to inform you that I have two cats and still get mice from time to time."


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