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POLL – Do MPs deserve a pay rise?

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Members of Parliament will receive a 2.9 per cent pay rise from April, increasing their annual salary by £2,440, from £84,144 to £86,584. But do you think they deserve this pay rise? Vote in our poll.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) which sets MPs’ pay said the 2.9 per cent rise was in line with the average public sector workers’ rise in 2022/23.

Richard Lloyd, IPSA’s chair, said: “In confirming MPs pay for next year, we have once again considered very carefully the extremely difficult economic circumstances, the government’s evolving approach to public sector pay in the light of forecasted rates of inflation, and the principle that MPs’ pay should be reflective of their responsibility in our democracy.

“Our aim is to ensure that pay is fair for MPs, regardless of their financial circumstances, to support the most diverse of parliaments.”

He continued: “Serving as an MP should not be the preserve of those wealthy enough to fund it themselves. It is important for our democracy that people from any background should see representing their communities in Parliament as a possibility.”

IPSA was formed in 2009, largely in response to the MPs’ expenses scandal to offer transparency and make independent rulings on salaries.

Many public sector workers have taken industrial action demanding pay rises above the rate of inflation to help households manage the cost of living crisis affecting Britain. Nurses, paramedics, teachers, rail staff and postal workers are among those striking. Some unions have threatened to strike until their demands are met, but ministers in England have warned they are not affordable.

So what do YOU think? Do MPs deserve a pay rise? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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