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Inside underground city built below UK to help Brits in nuclear apocalypse

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An underground tunnel city may prove useful in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, with Brits building a structure underneath the UK that could prove vital.

With room for 4,000 people, it would appear that deep in the heart of the countryside lies a bunker big enough for three months of emergency living.

Accessed through a series of secret tunnels, the nuclear bunker, codenamed Burlington, was built up in the late 1950s due to fears of the at-the-time Cold War between Russia and the United States.

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But now, the Corsham, Wiltshire-based bunker with its 240-acre site has been showcased in all its abandoned glory.

It was prepped and ready in the event of housing former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, as well as the government and Royal Family.

Burlington, then, would have served as a war headquarters, with the quarry-based bunker prepped and ready to supply its accommodated few with hospitals, kitchens and offices.

Electric buggies were stuffed down in the tunnels too to make for easier transportation around the various tunnels buried deep under the British countryside.

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A total of 12 fuel tanks were also placed into the bunker as a means of keeping four generators running for a total of three months, with temperatures resting at a comfortable 20 degrees.

Tensions between the USA and Soviet Union had prompted the need for potential nuclear war bunkers, with this one in particular built after the UK assumed it would be hit with 132 nuclear bombs.

Those same bombs were projected to kill 1.7million people and injure a further million, while UK leaders and members of the Royal Family found themselves in the temperate bomb survival shelter, The Sun reported.

The site, which was maintained until 1991 by which point it had become too expensive, was eventually declassified in 2004.

A 2004 statement from the Ministry of Defence read: "A formerly secret Government underground site near Corsham in Wiltshire, which was a potential relocation site for the Government in the event of a nuclear war, was declassified at the end of 2004."

While the site may now be declassified, the eerie insides remain and have since been abandoned.

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One room contained posters of Her Majesty the Queen, while another room featured hanging ropes from the ceiling.

The bunker, which was never used during its time as an active refuge in the event of nuclear warfare, was declassified just over a decade ago as upkeep for the location proved too expensive.

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