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Top lawyer dead after ‘drunken balcony fall’ may have been shot in head

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    A defence attorney from California died on holiday after being shot in Mexico, his family claim.

    Elliot Blair, from California, had been celebrating the first anniversary of marrying his wife Kim.

    He was found dead on January 14, with his family claiming that he was shot after authorities initially made the same claim.

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    Now, however, authorities have changed tack and are saying that the lawyer from Orange County had died while drunkenly trying to shoo pigeons from a balcony.

    Since then, authorities have repeatedly asserted that Elliot's death was an "accident", but his family believe he was the victim of violent crime.

    They are so convinced of this that they have opened up their own investigation into Elliot's tragic and premature death, but this has already run into obstacles.

    Elliot's body was embalmed before they were able to collect a blood sample, meaning that it will be much more difficult for them to figure out exactly what happened to him as they will not be able to conduct a toxicology report.

    The lawyer died after falling from a balcony, but it is still unclear exactly what happened in the moments before he fell.

    Elliot and Kim had returned to their hotel after a night out, and Kim had fallen asleep before him, only to be woken and informed that an ambulance had already taken him away.

    A family lawyer claimed that a police officer had told her he had been shot in the head, claims which Mexican authorities are now refuting.

    Authorities in Mexico confirmed in a statement that they are working in partnership with the FBI and the US justice department to investigate Elliot's death.

    Elliot's family have now start a GoFundMe for their investigation in which they claim he was "tragically killed" and the victim of a "brutal crime"

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