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Road rage driver overtakes cyclist and storms out of car with clenched fists

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This is the heart-stopping moment an angry driver got into a heated arguement with a cyclist and left his car rolling down the street.

The confrontation took place after the blue Peugeot driver overtook the cyclist on a narrow road near the M24 in Solihull, near Birmingham.

Footage taken on January 2 was shared by the cyclist on Twitter as he explained he indicated to turn right about 50 yards before turn when the driver overtook him in a dangerous move.

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The blue Peugot went on the opposite lane and sped past him as he yelled: "Woah!"

The driver stopped his car right before the diversion and got out of the vehicle along with a female passenger.

"What's wrong with you, you tw**?" he shouted at the cyclist, who replied: "Don't brakecheck me and don't overtake when I'm indicating to turn right."

The man walked towards him with clenched fists and yelled: "What? What?"

The vehicle started rolling forward before the cyclist warned him: "Your car's running away, your car's running away. Careful!"

The cyclist wrote in the post and said the incident was "only worthy of a 'warning letter sent for inconsiderate driving' from Warwickshire Police."

Viewers shared their thoughts after watching the clip, with one comparing the angry driver to Ronnie Pickering, who went viral in a road rage video in 2015.

"He clearly wasn't even in a hurry since he had time to get out and argue with you," a viewer wrote.

Another said: "Driver's giving Ronnie Pickering vibes."

Others analysed the footage and said the driver gave enough space for the cyclist during an overtake.

"His attitude was wrong but what happened before this? It's not shown on this clip and why are you waving in a threatening way?" another questioned.

But one argued: "Cyclists have to indicate earlier than cars as they have to indicate that they are going to, firstly, move into the centre of the road, then turn.

"Early indication is necessary to alert drivers to adjust their speed,not pass, allow the cyclist to get into the correct position."


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