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POLL – Should MPs be paid more to attract more people to run?

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BBC Breakfast reviews politics in 2022

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Match of the Day host Gary Lineker has claimed Britain would be governed better if politicians were paid more as it would encourage some of the nation’s “brilliant minds” to run for office. He said the salary was putting off some successful Britons who could earn more in a different job. But do you think politicians should be paid more? Vote in our poll.

The basic annual salary of an MP in the House of Commons is £84,144 and when asked if they should be paid more Mr Lineker said: “You’d probably never get that through parliament, but I’ve always thought it’s such an important job.

“If we could tempt the really brilliant minds in the country into the roles…I don’t think we really entice the great minds in the country and probably a bigger salary would.”

New research by YouGov for Times Radio has shown that many Britons rate other professions as more difficult than being prime minister. For example, some 61 percent thought being a surgeon was harder. Other jobs included nurses, firefighters and soldiers.

By comparison, 81 percent thought being a professional footballer was easier than being prime minister, alongside being an investment banker, office worker and journalist.

So what do YOU think? Should politicians be paid more to attract more people to run for office? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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