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Royal expert baffled by Prince Harry claim in ‘Spare’ that ‘just doesn’t add up’

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A royal expert says he is baffled by a wild Prince Harry claim in his latest book that "just doesn't add up".

Sunrise Royal editor Robert Jobson says in the upcoming memoir, Spare, the Duke talks about calling his therapist after a fight with his brother, but not when his wife had suicidal thoughts, which he finds strange.

Mr Jobson is referring to the 38-year-old's sensational claims that Prince William, 40, threw him to the ground after a heated argument in which he branded his wife Meghan Markle "rude", "difficult" and "abrasive".

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In his memoir the Duke of Sussex alleges the Prince of Wales grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the floor, in the kitchen of his London home, Nottingham Cottage, on the grounds of Kensington Palace in 2019.

Harry claims he shattered a dog bowl with his back after the pair came to blows over their failing relationship and his issues with the press.

He also says his brother left him with visible injuries in the alleged scrap, including "scrapes and bruises".

Mr Jobson said he was "surprised" Harry had published claims of the alleged assault in his memoir but that the notion of the brothers coming to physical blows didn't shock him.

However, Mr Jobson said "one bit that didn't add up" about Harry's account of the altercation with his brother was the call he made to his therapist soon afterwards.

"The first person he was on the phone to when he had the altercation with his brother was his therapist," he told Sunrise on Friday morning.

"If you remember, a few weeks ago, he said he didn't know what to do when his wife was having suicidal thoughts."

Mr Jobson continued: "They have fisticuffs in the kitchen over a row over Meghan and he's on the phone with his therapist, yet he didn't know what to do when his wife had suicidal thoughts.

"It doesn't really add up. I think there are so many conflicts of interest there.

"Surely if you've got your own therapist, you can sort out your wife's suicidal thoughts."

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