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Nazi treasure map could reveal huge WW2 jewel loot hidden by Hitler’s soldiers

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A Nazi treasure map could lead to a huge World War Two haul of hidden loot and jewels that were hidden away by Adolf Hitler's men.

After 78 years, the map which could lead to the location of a hefty haul of rumoured Second World War treasures buried by the soldiers of the Nazi party, has been released.

The document is one of hundreds of secret papers made available to the public for the first time by Netherlands officials.

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Those same officials believe the map could have "clues to a never-found treasure" including diamonds, watches and stolen items that were pilfered by Hitler's men during an Arnhem bank raid.

The map released by the Netherlands does appear to show a specific spot where the Nazi haul is said to be hidden, with a pinpointed location of the Betuwe region.

Gelderland, the Dutch province, may see an uptick in hopeful explorers and treasure hunters now that the map has shown the exact location of potential Nazi treasure.

Annet Waalkens of the National Archives, said: "During the defense of Arnhem, there was an explosion at a branch of the Rotterdamsche Bank on the Velperweg.

"German soldiers put loot in their coats at the scene."

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Loot is rumoured to have been stored inside of ammunition boxes, which were subsequently buried in Ommeren, The Sun reported.

Despite a number of efforts to find the treasure, each and every person to seek it out has come up short, and as of this year, the treasure has yet to be located.

Officials from the Netherlands had even brought in a former Nazi officer to try and locate the buried goods, but came up short, with fears that someone may have found the treasure and not announced it to the public.

A map may come in handy then, and with the release of hundreds of documents from the Netherlands, fresh hopes are in play as people prepare to try and find the stolen jewellery.

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