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Women filmed crashing e-scooter after swerving dangerously along city street

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A shocked cabbie saw two young women on an electric scooter speeding though the streets of Liverpool – before they wiped out after misjudging a turn.

The clip shows them careering along the city’s Hanover Street.

The women can then be seen swerving in front of the taxi in the road before going off camera as they take a sharp right at the bottom of Bold Street.

Once the taxi turns towards Bold Street the scooter can be seen lying in the road and one of the women trips over it.

It isn’t clear whether the two young women in the cab driver’s video have legally rented the scooter, but they certainly aren’t wearing any protective gear as they swerve though Liverpool city centre.

The scooter involved in last night’s accident appears to be part of a Voi rental scheme legally operating in Liverpool.

A Voi spokesman told the Daily Star: "It’s forbidden for more than one person to ride per e-scooter. Doing so affects balance and the functionality of the brakes, and users risk injuring themselves

The legal status of e-scooters is fuzzy in the UK at present. It is illegal to use a privately owned e-scooter on any pavements, cycle paths or roads.

There’s a change in the law expected to come through in March 2022. Until then, the only scooters you should see on the roads are involved in the small number of government-approved and council-sanctioned trials.

E-scooter users need to have a valid driving licence (either full or provisional). When users hire their e-scooter, they are asked to upload a photo of their driving licence to the Voi app.

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Because Voi’s e-scooters are dockless, users can technically leave them anywhere when they have finished riding. The list of suitable places to leave them doesn’t include a busy city centre street though.

Part of Voi’s long-term rental fleet was taken out of service earlier this month after one its machines caught fire in a user's home.

Tiarnan Power told Bristol student newspaper Bower News he took the e-scooter outside his home when he saw the smoke.

"I called Voi and they said to call 999… the street was completely covered in smoke," he said.

"It just shows how lucky I was. If I wasn't in, or, I was asleep, it would have been a complete disaster."

Voi encourages everyone to report any instances of misuse or anti-social behaviour via its Report a Voi webpage: .

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