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Gutted golden retriever’s ‘old lady’ reaction to £10 advent calendar treat

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A young golden retriever was left hilariously disappointed with her advent calendar surprise.

Elisha Rose, 28, was in hysterics at the sight of two-year-old Winnie's reaction to door 24 hiding a green toy bone instead of a treat.

For the first three weeks of December last year, the Scotland-based dog got used to tucking into delicious daily snacks.

On Christmas Eve however what was meant to be the best advent prize of them all, was in fact something of a let down for Winnie whose glum expression was caught on camera.

Elisha told the Daily Star: "I thought her reaction was brilliant because she’s usually such a loving dog and picks up routine quite quickly.

"When I saw that it was a toy and not a treat I thought she’d be excited, but obviously by her face she wasn’t due to the high bar that had been set for the previous 23 days."

Winnie's reaction was typical of her personality, Elisha continued: "She often makes hilarious faces – she’s like a two-and-a-half year-old-dog who has the personality of an old lady trapped inside her.

"Most of the time I think she’s just wondering why we’re taking so many pictures of her!"

The Cupid and Comet Treat and Toy advent calendar designed for dogs set Elisha back £10 from TKMaxx last year.

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Given the size of the daily surprises, Elisha was surprised was she was not chuffed to open something far bigger on the 24th.

She said: "The treats were like tiny meat sticks that didn’t last half a second in golden retriever fashion – so I’m surprised she actually wasn’t more disappointed with that compared to the treat."

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But now with a new dog in the Rose household, Winnie might be wishing she made more of the chew because there are no doors for the pair to open this December.

Elisha explained her new puppy is far too destructive to allow her a sniff of an advent calendar.

"No advent calendar this year as she has a puppy sister Konnie now who eats anything and everything – so it wouldn’t last 24 days between the two of them," she added.

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