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‘Enough is enough’ Nadine Dorries booted from Tory WhatsApp group after backing Boris

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Brexit: Lord Frost hits out at EU over Northern Ireland Protocol

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According to leaked screenshots of the conversation, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport was booted from the group after the other Tory MPs in the group learned of Lord Frost’s resignation. The group, called Clean Global Brexit, reportedly contains around 100 Tory MPs, according to screenshots obtained by Sky News.

Addressing the departure of the Brexit Minister, Theresa Villiers MP said it was “very worrying” that Lord Frost had left.

Other MPs, such as Andrew Bridgen, Marcus Fysh and Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, appeared to agree.

Replying to Ms Villiers, Mr Bridgen wrote: “Worrying? It’s a disaster. Lord Frost was concerned about the policy direction of the Gov. So are most of the Conservative backbenchers.”

Mr Fysh added: “Frost is a hero and 100% right on this. The whole point of Brexit is radical supply side reform and moving away from the EU model, yet Ministers are happy just to give hard won power put in their hands to achieve this to officials who will do the opposite.”

Mr Clifton-Brown wrote: “This is a hammer blow to the PM. He desperately needs a really strong advisor at No10 who he can trust.

“Probably from the Brexit Team. A leadership challenge is not the answer at the moment because all the same underlying problems will still be there.

Ms Dorries then decided to stick up for the PM, writing: “The hero is the Prime Minister who delivered Brexit.

“I’m aware as someone said today that regicide is in the DNA of Conservative party, but a bit of loyalty to the person who won an 83 majority and delivered Brexit wouldn’t go amiss.”

After the comment, Steve Baker MP then booted Ms Dorries from the group. 

He then wrote: “Enough is enough.”

To which Mr Bridgen replied: “About time, thanks Steve.”

The leaked messages come after Lord Frost tendered his resignation, citing concerns over “the political direction of his Government”. 

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The Mail on Sunday reported: “Lord Frost tendered his resignation a week ago – but was persuaded to stay until January.”

Lord Frost reportedly had encouraging words for the PM in this letter, writing: “I am confident that under your leadership, this newly free Britain can succeed and prosper hugely.”

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