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BBC Weather: Christmas travellers urged to make most of clear skies as fog to plague UK

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BBC Weather: Settled conditions forecast in lead up to Christmas

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Weatherman Matt Taylor told BBC Breakfast it was “good news” for those making their Christmas travels soon as the UK will see much milder weather compared to earlier this week. Most of the UK will see clear skies with the odd patch of rain in the north meaning it is ideal for Christmas shopping or anyone breaking up for the holidays early. However, the Met Office warns night-time and early morning fog will bring misery for some commuters and travellers with mist and rain also expected.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Taylor remarked the rest of the week will be fairly mild compared to the start.

Heavy winds and storms which have been seen over the past few weeks will calm down with fairly clear skies.

Mr Taylor said it would be ideal conditions for anyone wishing to make Christmas travel plans as the days will be fairly dry too.

However, the Met Office has warned temperatures will drop off towards the end of the week with fog expected to bring disruption to commuters.

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “The weather picture of the coming days is going to become a very quiet one as far as weather is concerned.

“Which is great news for any pre-Christmas travel plans.

“Quite mild at the moment, going to slowly turn a bit cooler but there will be lots of cloud around at times.

“The rain will gradually cease and where we’ve got the wet weather at the moment is parts of Scotland once again up towards the highlands and the west of Scotland.

“You see it on the radar charts, it’s turning lighter, patchy, edging its way a little bit further south which will continue to do so.

“So there will be some rain at times in Northern Ireland and it will turn a little bit damp for one or two across the far northwest of England with some patchy light rain or drizzle.

BBC Weather: UK set for ‘a touch of frost’ and rain

“Most though will be dry either side of that, brightening up to the north of Scotland, a bit of sunshine to the south.

“But temperatures will drop a little bit through this afternoon as the winds go a bit more westerly across the northern half.

“Compared with the last few days, the afternoon much much drier and brighter, maybe the odd heavier bursts of rain later across the north coast of Northern Ireland.”

Mr Taylor remarked temperatures are several degrees higher than what is expected for this time of year as the UK goes into the afternoon.

However, early mornings will still be bitterly cold in some areas which will be below what is expected.

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He continued: “So it’s still some damp weather to the south of Scotland, the far north of England, best chance to have some sunshine in parts of other parts of northern England, North Midlands, East Anglia, and North Wales.

“The sunshine will be a little bit on the hazy side, fairly cloudy across the South but across the board temperatures a few degrees above where we’d normally be this stage in December.

“Now as we go through this [Wednesday] evening and overnight, notice how the patchy rain there and parts of Scotland returns that bit further northward.

“So it does allow some clear skies here which will mean temperatures will drop down into lower single figures for one or two – so a little bit cooler than recent nights.

“But also we will see the odd mist or fog patch, they will clear over the days ahead.”

Jim Andrews, a meteorologist from told “Between Thursday and about next Monday, fog, especially night-time and morning fog, can be widespread in the UK.

“As such, it can cause slow travel for commuters.

“There will also be areas of stubborn low cloud which may well linger day and night. Patches of mist and drizzle may happen, too.”

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