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‘He is not fit for office!’ Starmer erupts at Boris claiming PM ‘won’t resign’ voluntarily

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Keir Starmer says Boris isn't fit for office but won't resign voluntarily

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The Labour leader lost his cool during an interview with Sky News on Friday as he shared his doubts that Boris Johnson will even resign as Prime Minister, because of being supposedly unfit to run the country, following a raft of events which have sent Mr Johnson’s government into crisis.

Sir Keir slammed  “We are in the middle of a pandemic.

“Trust in the Prime Minister really matters and yet trust is at an all time low.

“Do I think that Boris Johnson will resign? No I don’t! 

“Because I don’t think he’s fit for office!”

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He added how the Conservative party “need to ask some questions” about the future of Mr Johnson’s leadership.

Speaking to LBC on Friday, Sir Keir went further in his condemnation of the Prime Minister.

He hammered: “The question really is for Tory members of the cabinet, tory MPs to ask themselves are they prepared to put up with this?”

While repeating his claim that Mr Johnson is “not fit for office” Sir Keir added that the Prime Minister is never in fact “going to be fit for office”.

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The Labour leader questioned whether Conservative minister “prepared to go through the degrading of themselves and their party” to “defend the indefensible for months to come”.

Sir Keir’s comments come as Boris Johnson is fighting fires on three fronts of his leadership as his polling ratings collapse to an all time low sending the Labour party four points clear of the Tories, according to the latest YouGov polls.

YouGov said the Prime Minister’s net favourability rating stands at -42 and had fallen 11 points since mid-November, with 66 percent of the public having an unfavourable opinion of the Prime Minister.

It comes as major confusion over new Plan B restrictions has seen Britons told they should work from home if they can, but are still allowed to attend Christmas parties and work in pubs.

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This has erupted alongside allegations that up to seven covid rule smashing bashes took place around Downing Street and Whitehall during lockdown restrictions.

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has been tasked by Boris Johnson to investigate the December 18 bash, which saw Allegra Stratton, the former spokeswoman to Boris Johnson, resign after footage was leaked to ITV of her laughing about the party during a mock press conference. Mr Case will also investigate alleged parties from November 27 and December 10, 2020.

While Thursday saw fresh allegations levelled at the Prime Minister accusing him of lying while giving evidence about how much he knew about the source of funding for redecorating the Downing Street flat. 

It has now emerged that Boris Johnson WhatsApp’d Lord Brownlow, a Tory donor, for financial help in covering the cost of the makeover, a detail he kept from Lord Geidt who was tasked with investigating the redecoration scandal. The Conservative Party fined £17,800 over the chaos.

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