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‘Pyjama killer’ appeals life sentence because she became a meme during trial

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The woman who went viral after casually admitting that she murdered her husband has appealed her life sentence on the grounds of her becoming an Internet meme during the trial.

Penelope Jackson, who murdered her husband in a row over bubble and squeak, was jailed for 18 years for killing 78-year-old David.

After calling 999, she told police, that “he is in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck”.

She was arrested in her pyjamas, outside her Somerset bungalow, on Febuary 13, this year.

The man was her fourth husband, and video of the arrest saw her nicknamed the "pyjama killer".

But now, after the video went viral online at the time, she has claimed that it “impeded her right to a fair hearing” because it was released during the trial.

Her legal team has claimed she was subjected to “mocking and mimicry” and that her “dark humour” meant she wasn't given a fair trial at Bristol Crown Court.

Her solicitor, Martin Winter, said: “The release of the media and the interest it stirred up created an unfairness because it coincided with the beginning of her giving evidence.

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“The fear is that once the images go outside of the courtroom, the ability of the judge to advise a jury about that evidence is lost.

“Inevitably, it went further than the responsible news outlets and attracted a lot of commentary on social media.

“It was subject to mocking and mimicry and became the subject of memes and dark humour.”

The famed clip shows the moment of her arrest, and was released with permission of the judge at the time.

Judge Martin Picton sentenced her to life in prison, with a minimum term of 18 years.

It is not yet known whether or not her sentence will be reduced, but sources close to the situation claim it is “highly unlikely”.

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