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Teen beheads sister then poses for selfie with severed head next to his mum

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A teenager and his mother have been arrested after he beheaded his pregnant 19-year-old sister in a horrific honour killing – and then posed for a selfie with the severed head, according to neighbours.

Kirti Thore was killed in the Ladgaon village of Aurangabad after she apparently eloped and married against the wishes of the family.

The shocking murder took place at about 12.30pm on Sunday when Shobhabai Mote and her son – reported to be aged 17 or 18 – went to meet Kirti at her home.

She lived with her husband's family in a room next to their farm, reports One India.

Assistant Police Commissioner Kailash Prajapati said Kirti's brother attacked her from behind with a sickle while her mother held her legs. He then beheaded her before taking her head outside.

“[Kirti] was working in the field with her mother-in-law,” said Prajapati, according to NDTV.

“Seeing mother and brother, she left her work in the field and rushed to greet them. She gave water to both of them and went to the kitchen to make tea. This is when her brother came from behind and beheaded her.”

He added: “Her husband, who was ill, was lying in the house. He woke up hearing the sound of falling utensils and rushed to the kitchen. The woman's brother tried to kill him too but he escaped.

“Later, the brother came out of the house with his head in his hand. He then came to the police station and surrendered.”

Marriages that take place against the wishes of parents remain taboo in parts of India.

Kirti's father Sanjay is said to have felt insulted after her marriage and left home before returning several days later.

Police are looking into his potential involvement with the gruesome beheading but so far have found nothing to link him to the crime, it’s being reported.

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