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‘Good mum’, 26, arrested after ‘stabbing five-month-old baby daughter to death’

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A mum has been arrested and charged with murder, accused of stabbing her five-month-old daughter to death.

Kristhie Alcazar, 26, was charged following the horrific killing of the baby at a home in Penns Grove, New Jersey, on Friday night, according to prosecutors in the United States.

It’s thought that Alcazar might have been suffering from post-natal depression.

Police rushed to the scene after an emergency dispatcher heard an “audible disturbance” in the background while taking a 911 emergency call from the scene, reports the New York Post.

When investigators arrived at the residence, they found the tot dead and Alcazar fighting with another person, said the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office.

The tragic infant had visible stab wounds to her chest and multiple knives were recovered at the scene by the authorities.

“When I first came out they were putting the lady in handcuffs. They were putting her in the car,” a neighbour told CBS 3 Philly.

“The [medics] went in there, and when they came out and left I knew the baby was dead because they would’ve transported her [if she’d still been alive],” the neighbour said.

“She seemed like such a good mum, but they said she had post-partum and I have no idea what that’s like so I can’t judge.”

Authorities said that when police arrived, the mother of two was arguing with someone in the home while the infant’s body lay nearby.

“The lady’s mum was over there screaming, and I knew something was wrong,” the neighbour said.

Another neighbour, Jose Quiles, told CBS 3: “It’s sad. It hurts. A baby. Especially a baby. It really hurts.”

It remains unclear who the person arguing with Alcazar was, with the authorities confirming that the baby’s father was not home at the time of the killing, which happened on Friday.

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