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Homeless graduate slams ‘disgusting’ hostel that costs taxpayer £200 a week

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A homeless university graduate has slammed his “disgusting” stay at a hostel which costs the taxpayer over £200 every week.

Marius Samavicius, 29, became homeless after moving from England to Glasgow earlier this year.

He was given emergency accommodation at the Coplan Hotel, which he claims was so grim he had to sleep in a dirty, bug-infested room with a stained bed.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Marius said: “This place made me feel like no one cares and I felt like I didn’t have any hope after studying so hard.

“There were a lot of insects and when I opened my room it was full of flies. There was mess on the floor and walls.

“For the council to keep sending people to this place is a huge waste of tax payers’ money.”

After growing up in poverty in Lithuania, Marius moved to the UK where he worked in factories, learnt English, and studied fine art at Bournemouth University.

But after moving to Glasgow to find work, accommodation costs spiralled and he quickly ran out of savings and became homeless.

Now, he says he wants to speak out so others don’t have to experience the grim conditions he faced.

“I was given unclean bedsheets and towels and when I asked to change my room my new room was even worse,” he continued.

“I understood the situation I found myself in being homeless. I can live in very basic conditions, but this place is just so dirty I was worrying about my health.

“There was a lot of noise and shouting. I was worried this was the rest of my life.”

Following a long eight weeks at the hostel, Marius said he was offered much better temporary accommodation nearby.

After leaving, he complained to both the hotel and council.

He said: “I’m in a better situation now but I still worry about the people there. I felt like if I didn’t speak up I would be a hypocrite.”

A spokesman for the hotel said: “We are regularly inspected by the council and we comply with all the council regulations.

“In relation to cleanliness, we have 24 hour staff, including cleaners and maintenance, working to maintain standards.

“Mr Samavicius is providing a misleading picture of our business.

“I can assure you that our business and Glasgow City Council are working very hard to provide a good service and help to the most disadvantaged members of our society.

“Council staff are working on our premises on a daily basis providing further help for homeless people and we would not be an accommodation provider for the council if they were not satisfied with our services.”

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A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “B&B or hotel accommodation is only used in emergencies and then only for as short a period as possible.

“If we receive complaints about the accommodation or support available at a premises we will take these up with the operators of those premises.

“Work is underway to improve both the accommodation and the support that is available at these premises.”

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