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Surfers menaced by huge shark make mad dash for the shore in dramatic footage

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A gut-wrenching video shows a surfer trying to outswim a giant shark that is bearing down on him as he fights his way through the waves.

In the clip, filmed by horrified witness Jorge Benitez, the shark's colossal dorsal fin is cutting through the waves just metres from where Rolando Montes is desperately trying to get back to shore.

He looks behind his shoulder, just moments after the beast once again dips out of sight off Isabela in Puerto Rico.

Benitez, who was relieved when his friends both made it back to Middles Beach in one piece, said: "This is the first shark I see.

"Although it's known they are around the area, apparently they have enough food so we barely have incidents if any."

Commenting on the footage on Instagram, many shark nerds reckoned the species was a hammerhead and it was actually targeting a ray which briefly seen flapping its fins above the waves.

Hammerheads are not known to target humans and there have only been 17 incidents of aggression to people ever recorded, none of which were fatal.

Shark attacks in waters off Puerto Rico are rare, with the most recent incident a decade ago, Mirror Online reports.

Over the past nine years nearly 800 people have been mauled across the globe.

The current hotspot is the US, where 33 shark bites were reported this year, compared to 18 in Australia.

This year 49 shark attacks – six being fatal – have been reported across the globe.

As scary as sharks may seem, the odds of dying in a shark attack are extremely low compared to dozens of other causes, including dog and cow attacks.

According to the World Health Organisation, ischaemic heart disease is the biggest killer and claimed 8.9 million lives in 2019 – compared to a mere 10 shark deaths that year.

This comes after haunting footage showed a half-eaten "zombie shark" still hunting despite having most of its midsection completely annihilated by another fish.

Dr Mario Lebrato was left amazed when he captured the incredibly rare footage around two metres below the water’s surface.

The unfortunate shark met its end when it was set upon by cannibals from its own species.

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