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Bloke gifted lotto scratchcard following open-heart surgery wins £750k jackpot

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A man has won a £750,000 jackpot after he was gifted a scratchcard by a mate following open-heart surgery.

Early last month Alexander McLeish, from Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, had the surgery and while recovering his friend sent him a get well soon card along with three tickets from the Massachusetts State Lottery’s “$5,000,000 100X Cashword” instant game, Boston 25 News reports.

In order to win the $1 million (£750,000) prize you need to scratch 11 words using only the letters from the “Your Letters” section.

When Alexander began to scratch the “Your Letters” area of the ticket, he found that the first three letters revealed were A, W and M, which are his initials.

Not only did his initials appear on the winning ticket, but as he continued to scratch the letters, the word “heart” appeared on the bottom row.

The lucky winner chose to claim his prize in cash, which amounted to $650,000 (£488,000) after taxes.

The ‘golden’ ticket was purchased at Quickeez Beer, Wine and Convenience store, which will receive a $10,000 (£7,500) bonus for selling the ticket.

McLeish told the Massachusetts State Lottery that he had previously also won a $1,000 (£750) prize on a lottery ticket that was given to him by the same friend who gifted him the $1 million winning scratchcard.

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In other news, a woman won a scratchcard jackpot for the third time in three years from the same shop.

The woman, from Maryland, USA, bagged $50,000 (£38,000) last month, making it the third occasion she’s won since 2018.

The 61-year-old said she "couldn't believe" her luck after she stopped at Talbert’s Ice & Beverage Service in Bethesda and secured the whopping sum after purchasing a few $5 (£3.75) Lucky instant tickets.

"People play every day and not win," she said. "It’s amazing that I won three times."

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