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‘Like Barbados soon!’ Sturgeon’s St Andrew’s Day post gushed over by Indy-backing Scots

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Nicola Sturgeon grilled on independence by Andrew Marr

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The First Minister took to Twitter earlier to mark Scotland’s official national day. Ms Sturgeon posted a snap of a Scottish flag and wrote: “Happy St Andrew’s Day #standrewsday.”

The SNP leader’s post prompted adoration from Twitter users who expressed their support for Scottish Independence.

Referring to Barbados becoming a republic, one person with the handle @MsAnnibyniaeth wrote: “Let’s hope we’ll be celebrating it Barbados style before too long!”

Another Twitter user, @MegForIndy, said: “Happy St Andrew’s Day from a soon to be Independent Scotland #StAndrewsDay.”


Another user, @VeronicaSalt, added: “Happy St Andrews day! Looking forward to waving the saltire in an Independent Scotland!”

A fifth, @happypenskip, wrote: “Happy St.Andrews Day FM. Hopefully we will be celebrating them in an independent Scotland in a few years. Have good one.”

Another Twitter user, @jameswa46334936, praised: “Happy St Andrews day keep fighting the good fight.”

One more, @FortressHidden, said: “Thanks for articulating our hopes, dreams and challenges so well in your inspirational conference speech, as well as exemplary leadership throughout the pandemic.

“The skies are clearing, we’re marching towards much brighter days and a wee bit of rain won’t get in our way.”

In her closing speech at the SNP annual conference on Monday, Ms Sturgeon announced her campaign for Scottish independence will “resume in earnest” in the spring.

She has already pledged to hold a second referendum before the end of 2023.

But Boris Johnson has so far refused Ms Sturgeon’s push for Scotland to have another vote on its future after the country decisively rejected independence in 2014.

Ms Sturgeon said: “My message to the Prime Minister is this – if you have any respect at all for democracy – and if you have any confidence whatsoever in your argument against independence – you too will let the people decide.

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“Next year, Covid permitting, as we emerge from winter into spring, the campaign to persuade a majority of people in Scotland that our future will be more secure as an independent nation will resume in earnest.

“In the course of next year, I will initiate the process necessary to enable a referendum before the end of 2023.

“And just as importantly, our party will set out afresh the positive case for independence.

“We will outline the opportunities and advantages that independence will open up the opportunity to repair the damage of Covid – including the fiscal challenges it has created for all countries – in a way that aligns with our values and priorities as a nation.

“To use our financial and human resources to tackle poverty and give young people a better life.

“To use our vast natural resources to help safeguard our planet and secure green jobs for the future.

“And to rejoin the European family of nations, so that we can expand not narrow our horizons, and grow our trade across the whole of the continent.

“We will also be candid about the challenges the transition to independence will present, and set out clearly how we can and will overcome them. And then, friends, we will ask the people to decide.”

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