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Germany’s new coalition to shake-up migration rules as Merkel-era comes to end

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BBC's Adler warns EU to spiral into new migrant crisis

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The coalition agreement says: “We want to create a new beginning in migration and integration policy that does justice to a modern immigration country.

“We are countering the previous practice of chain tolerance with an opportunity-based right of residence.”

People who have been living in Germany without criminal convictions for at least five years and who are committed to the constitution of Germany should be able to receive a one-year residence permit on trial, Frankfurter Rundschau reports.

Further, the coalition parties want to abolish work bans.

The managing director of the Hessian Refugee Council, Timmo Scherenberg, has been praising these plans.

He says: “This is a victory of reason to finally enable the integration for people, instead of keeping them in limbo.”

An “enormous improvement” is that well-integrated young people can apply for a right to stay after three years of residence and up to the age of 27.

“In recognition of their lifetime achievement”, the coalition also wants to “facilitate naturalisation for members of the so-called guest worker generation”.

Further, they look to introduce the new integration courses that should be available to everyone who arrives in Germany.

There is also a humanitarian admission programme for people from Afghanistan, and a digital visa issuing procedure is intended to reduce bureaucratic issues.

Caritas President Eva Welskop-Deffaa praised the commitment to accepting people during this particular need of protection.

On the other hand, Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus, criticised the changes.

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He speaks of a “brutal openness in the area of migration” in the coalition agreement as he suspects that the treaty will be “a pull factor for a lot of illegal migration”.

At the EU level some things are open to interpretation.

However, migration agreements are to be concluded with third countries, and the aim is to check whether asylum procedures can “in exceptional cases” be carried out outside the EU.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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