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‘Worst speech ever!’ Boris Johnson as he loses notes in car crash address on live TV

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Boris Johnson mixes up his notes in CBI keynote speech

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Boris Johnson was left floundering on stage at the CBI annual conference after it appeared the Conservative leader lost his place in his speech and was seen shuffling papers for several minutes. Mr Johnson appeared to be freestyling as he repeatedly apologised to the audience for becoming lost as he looked through dozens of sheets to find where he was. However, in the end, the Prime Minister accepted his fate and began talking about his visit to Peppa Pig World and asked attendees if they had visited too during a bizarre outburst.

Mr Johnson appeared at the CBI conference to discuss the UK’s commitments to green technology and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

The Prime Minister explained the UK would be the birthplace of a new green industrial revolution and would have “first-mover advantage” to capitalise on the developments.

However, Mr Johnson’s speech was plagued with gaffes as it became apparent he lost his place in his notes.

For roughly five minutes, Mr Johnson was seen pulling out sheets of paper as he apologised to the audience and tried to find where he was.

It also appeared the Prime Minister began ad-libbing as he desperately stalled for time while presenting to CBI leaders.

But bizarrely, after Mr Johnson appeared to find his footing he began sharing his trip to Peppa Pig World over the weekend.

It appeared at first to be a hasty diversion from his squirming but the point was more substantive than first thought.

He asked the audience to put their hands up if they have visited the theme park as microphones could pick up laughter from attendees.

Mr Johnson remarked “not enough” people had visited and that it was “my kinda place”.

He explained he learnt many things during his visit and said the biggest one was “UK creativity”.

Boris Johnson makes car noises during CBI conference speech

Mr Johnson remarked: “Who would’ve known, that a pig that looks like a hairdryer or possibly some kind Picasso hairdryer.

“A pig that was rejected by the BBC has now been exported to 180 countries with theme parks both in America and China.

“A business now worth £6billion and counting, I think that is pure genius don’t you?”

“No Whitehall official would ever come up with Peppa.”

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Mr Johnson delivered his “final message” to CBI delegates where he explained the UK was “blessed” with the best education and finance sector.

And recalling his comments on Peppa Pig, Mr Johnson said he was “filled with confidence” that the UK’s creativity would utilise the infrastructure to usher in greener technologies.

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