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Meghan Markle’s ‘credibility’ threatened by lawsuit, claims royal commentator

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Meghan Markle might be losing "credibility" after text messages between her and a former employee were made public amid an ongoing legal battle, according to a royal commentator.

Text messages between The Duchess of Sussex and her former Communications Secretary Jason Knauf indicate he briefed the authors of Finding Freedom and was asked to look at a letter she was sending to her father.

Prince Harry and Meghan have previously stressed they had nothing to do with the unauthorised biography.

Meghan has apologised to the court and said she "forgot" about the exchange with Mr Knauf.

Talking on the TV show Sunrise, Ms Mollard says: "Look, I think that there's a massive twist.

"I mean, some commentators are saying that this is really the end of Meghan's credibility."

Talking about the ongoing legal battle, the Australian journalist said: "So what's happened is we know that Mail on Sunday has challenged the court ruling that they breached her privacy.

"There's new text messages between her and her former Communications Secretary which show two things.

"One that she contributed to the Finding Freedom book and secondly that she asked her Communications Secretary to help her write the letter she wrote to her father which is the basis of this case."

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Ms Mollard believes it was "very manipulative" of Meghan to write the letter addressed to her father as "daddy" so it would, in the duchess' words, "pull at the heartstrings" if made public.

"Her rating at the moment is pretty low," the royal commentator says.

The Duchess of Sussex has said she never wanted the letter to be leaked and merely understood it was possible.

Women's Rights activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu defended the duchess and said the revelations made "zero difference" to the merits of her case.

Arguing her point in the Independent, she said: "No, the only question is whether this would have made a difference to the outcome of the privacy claim she won against Associated Newspapers Limited, publisher of the Mail on Sunday.

"The fact is it should make zero difference."

Daily Star has approached the Duchess of Sussex for comment.

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