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‘Killer’ mum allegedly duct-taped over her kids’ faces to suffocate them

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A mum has been charged with the brutal murder of her two children.

Yuhwei Chou from New Jersey allegedly duct-taped the kids’ faces and suffocated them – cruel slayings that authorities say she planned in advance.

According to MyCentralJersey, after her arrest, the 36-year-old told officers at Hillsborough Township that she killed Samantha Ross, 7, and her 11-month-old brother, Paul, on Monday (November 8).

The family had lunch at Wawa before Chou drove to a hardware store to pick up supplies for her heinous crime, as reported by the NewYorkPost.

She then headed to Mountainview Road in Hillsborough, where she started to tape Samantha’s face but got “spooked” by a bystander, according to an affidavit.

The document states that the family drove to a nearby hunting area. Chou then climbed into the backseat before zip-tying Samantha’s and Paul’s hands and taping their faces.

Chou told police she used her hands to suffocate both of her kids until they stopped breathing.

The document also claimed that she added that she had been planning the double murder for “approximately one week,”.

A witness alerted cops to Chou’s grey Toyota Corolla after spotting the car in a ditch early Tuesday. The woman’s hands were zip-tied to the steering wheel at the time, investigators wrote.

The witness also saw the two dead children in a booster and baby seat in the back of the Corolla, where they were bound and restrained.

Both children died from asphyxia by airway obstruction, Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson said in a statement Friday. A final autopsy report is expected following toxicology testing.

“A motive has not been released as the circumstances leading to the events which caused the deaths of the two children are under investigation by authorities,” Robertson said.

Chou, who has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, was in custody Friday at the Somerset County Jail, where she’s awaiting a bail detention hearing.

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