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BBC weather: Extraordinary ‘105 mph’ gales set to batter UK as cold arrives

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BBC Weather: Rain and high winds predicted for Sunday forecast

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast weather presenter Matt Taylor warned of strong gusts in northern areas which will arrive on Sunday before temperatures plunge to near-freezing overnight into Monday.

Mr Taylor warned that those in Scotland and northern areas of England are set to be battered by gusts of “between 40 and 70 mph” as gales arrive on Sunday.

But he added how on the tops of some hills in Scotland walkers are expected to be hit by extraordinary “105 mph” winds.

The forecaster added rough seas are also expected of the tip of northern Scotland as “significant” waves of up to “10 metres” high expected to swell.

The forecast explained the lively weather is down to an area of low pressure which is now clearing away from the UK as a ridge of high pressure is following in its wake.

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Mr Taylor added how high winds will continue through Sunday but not be as blustery as they are early on.

He added: “Elsewhere across the country compared with yesterday bit more in the way of sunshine.

“There will be varying amounts of cloud, cloudiest of all towards some south and western areas with one or two isolated showers.”

The weather presenter stressed “seasonal norm” temperatures will be felt across the UK on Sunday but will feel fresh in the winds.

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Sunday will see highs of 13C in London, 13C in Cardiff, 12C in Liverpool, 11C in Birmingham and 11C in Glasgow.

From Sunday evening and into Monday the winds will become lighter overnight but temperatures will drop to a chilly 3C in western areas.

The forecaster added a frost is expected on Monday morning in eastern areas as temperatures are expected to plunge further gripping Britons in a cold snap to start the week.

Monday will mark the beginning of “colder starts” for Britain as wintery weather begins to set in sending the mercury plummeting. 

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He added how a wet weather front is also on the way on Monday which loos set to drench Northern Ireland, western parts of Scotland and north west England.

Monday will also see cloudy weather with outbreaks of rain for the rest of the UK.

Mr Taylor said how despite the weather there will be some “hazy sunshine” on Monday morning but this will quickly break away over the course of the day.

Temperatures will be 15C in Belfast, 13C in Cardiff, 12C in London and 11C in Aberdeen.

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