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UK storm MAP: Chart shows brutal weather front to unleash fierce winds and rain in HOURS

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Weather: BBC forecasts windy conditions for fireworks night

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The UK is facing a weekend of brutal weather with strong winds and heavy rainfall. Conditions are forecast to become milder but more unsettled, particularly in the north.

A map shows a fierce weather system moving across the Atlantic towards Britain, with gusts forecast to hit the country on Saturday.

Another chart shows rainfall set to strike much of Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as a swathe of Wales and England.

The weather is expected to turn this weekend after a cloudy day on Friday with some bright spells.

Rain will become more widespread and winds will strengthen in north and west Scotland overnight.

The downpours are forecast to move southwards on Saturday.

Saturday is expected to be windy, with coastal gales in the north.

Conditions will ease on Sunday with some sunny spells.

However it will remain windy in the north of the country with showers, according to the Met Office.

BBC Weather meteorologist Matt Taylor warned of “severe gales” in the far north of Scotland over the weekend.

He said: “Bit chilly out there for some but this weekend things turn a little bit milder than they have in the past few days.

“Not greatly so but if you have any plans for the outdoors, expect a bit of rain at the time.

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“Particularly windy, especially for the northern half of the UK, this is where we’ll see gales and in the far north of Scotland even severe gales possible for a time.

“But that cold air we’ve had for the past few days not quite gone just yet.

“We’ve got temperatures in the north and west around 7C to 9C, much much colder across England.

“England is coldest at the moment, we saw temperatures overnight down to around -5C in Benson.

“Coldest night of the night so far.

“There will be some sunshine around this morning across a good part of England.”

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