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‘Respect and allow us to move forward!’ Arlene Foster fires warning shot to EU over NI

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Frost calls for ‘flexible’ approach to Northern Ireland Protocol

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The former Northern Ireland first minister told Robert Peston that despite the apparent shift in progress to solve the protocol crisis, there are many issues within the European Union’s proposals for a renegotiating the deal and demanded it is scrapped altogether. She insisted the bloc need to show respect for Northern Irish sovereignty with their decision making as she warned of a backlash against bloc’s continued efforts to limit Northern Ireland’s future outside the EU.

Ms Foster said: “First of all I think it is a start… unfortunately however there is nothing about state aid, there is nothing about the different VAT rules we have to abide by in Northern Ireland.

“There is nothing about the sovereignty of Northern Ireland and the fact the final arbiter is still going to be the European court of justice!”

She agreed with Lord Frost, the chief Brexit negotiator, who said on Wednesday that there is not much point “tinkering at the edges” to solve the protocol crisis.

The former DUP leader slammed: “What we need is fundamental change… it’s a bit late, but I welcome that to be the case.”

When asked whether she agreed with scrapping the entire Northern Ireland protocol Ms Foster agreed.

She said: “I think that Lord Frost agrees as well, he has put forward a new legal text that he believes will provide the answers.”

Ms Foster continued: “The EU also said, of course, they wouldn’t negotiations on the protocol – they always say they are not going to do something until the point they actually do something!

“What they need to do is actually respect the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and let us move forward on that basis!”

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